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Store Details

Store Details

Get a list of Current Tags

To get a list of tags for the store, you will need to run the following command in the terminal. Make sure to replace {{YOUR STORE_ID}} and {{YOUR AUTH TOKEN}} as described in the Getting Started

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.b2bninja.com/v3/bc/public/tags' \
--header 'x-auth-client: {{YOUR STORE_ID}}' \
--header 'x-auth-token: {{YOUR AUTH TOKEN}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'

The response will be similar to the following JSON. This is an object where the top level keys are the tags, and each of the child objects contain the details about that tag. You can just use the top level keys as the tag to provide when adding it to a quote.

"Accepted": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(40%, 40%, 100%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(5%, 0%, 100%)",
"label": "Accepted",
"value": "Accepted"
"Approved": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(40%, 100%, 40%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(0%, 100%, 10%)",
"label": "Approved",
"value": "Approved"
"Auto Send": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(40%, 64%, 100%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(0%, 40%, 100%)",
"label": "Auto Send",
"value": "Auto Send"
"Declined": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(100%, 40%, 40%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(100%, 0%, 5%)",
"label": "Declined",
"value": "Declined"
"Filter Product": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(63%, 67%, 72%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(41%, 46%, 54%)",
"label": "Filter Product",
"value": "Filter Product"
"Needs Approval": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(20%, 20%, 20%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(0%, 0%, 0%)",
"label": "Needs Approval",
"value": "Needs Approval"
"Revision Requested": {
"backgroundColor": "rgba(100%, 80%, 40%, 0.2)",
"color": "rgb(100%, 60%, 0%)",
"label": "Revision Requested",
"value": "Revision Requested"

Coming soon

This document will be updated with examples of how to get the Templates and Users for a store.

In the meantime, Use the reference section for Store for the details on all the methods and parameters supported.